GUI MFC Framework inside ATL DLL server


Environment: Windows NT, 9x   Visual C++ 5, 6

I built this application with VC5. I don’t think there should be a problem comiling it
with VC6.

This MFC GUI framework is placed inside ATL DLL server and is invoked by parent
application. Parent application manages this window and when parent application terminates
so does this embedded window. It behaves much like Microsoft’s Outlook Email and Forms,
which appear to be a standalone frame/view/doc and which is managed by parent Outlook

Whats in it for you? Lots! First – You have only one invoking method inside parent
program.After the method was implemented, this DLL can be completely developed standalone
(no need to recompile parent app). You can create hundreds of these dlls with frame
windows inside and enjoy nice scalability of you parent app. Web applications with
doc/view features. Etc. Etc. Etc.

1. I created a MFC single document application with app wizard.

2. Edit InitInstance() function add these lines:


if (!AfxOleInit())


AfxMessageBox("Failed to load OLE");

return FALSE;




3. Add ExitInstance() virtual function and insert
there this line:




4. Refer to the code in the ATL project how to implement framework.



After unzipping files run batch file to register gui.dll. If you compile this project
registration shoul be done automatically.


Download demo project – 92 Kb

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