An ATL project to run PING and TRACERT

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The Icmpcom project is a basic ALT template created by the ATL wizard.
The control acts as an interface to the ICMP.DLL . This DLL is supplied by MS to allow
PING and TRACERTs to be run under a dos window.

The Control can be used by a VB5 app to create a nice list box and series of
button and edit boxes to provide a user interface to PING and TRACERT.

ICMP.DLL is impleted via a Thread which is started when the StartPing method is
called. The thread continues to run till the operation finishes or is canceled via
a StopPing call. Tracert is implemented automatically when a StartPing request
is issued and the tracert option in the parmlist is TRUE.

The Methods should be invoked in the following order. SetPingVariables and RunPing
can be called as a request is needed. When the app terminates be sure to call


Must be the first call made to the control.
Loads and initializes the DLL returns an
error message thru the event sink if failed


Just That. It accepts most all of the options
accepted by the Dos Ping. It can support
all of them if you want to code them up.


We can finally issue a ping request.


tries to cancel the operation that is in


Last call to the control. Unloads the DLL
and cleans up Winsock

The Events will call into the container under 3 possible conditions.

  1. When the Ping/Tracert request wants to send back a reply.

  2. When the Ping/Tracert request is completed

  3. When StopICMP is called.


Passes back the data returned from the
request. The data is pre formatted and ready
to display.


After each PING request is completed


After StopICMP is called

The sample VB and MSVC++ app demonstrates how icmpcom works.

The VC++ container was a little more work than VB. The Event Sinks
had to be added by creating a new class in class wizard based from
CcmdTarget. The functions (sink events) had to be added to the
CPP and H files manually after the class was created. Note the
BEGIN_DISPATCH_MAP() section in the cpp file.

Reference materials.

Beginning ATL COM programming Wrox Press

Active/X COM control programming Wrox Press

The ATL samples from Visual C++ 5.0

The WorldOfATL

MFC CodeGuru ATL Section

MSJ June 1998

Last updated: 22 June 1998

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