Oracle Database Gets Chummy with Docker

Containers are the rage, and so it is no surprise that last week Oracle announced that they were collaborating with Docker. They are planning to release many of their tools including the Oracle database into the Docker marketplace.

Marianna Tessel, EVP Strategic Development at Docker stated, “With this new partnership, developers looking to use containers for their businesses can now access the world’s most popular databases and developer tools and leverage the performance and robustness of Oracle in their applications, all in just a few clicks.”

Developers will be able to get the Docker Enterprise Edition and Oracle’s databse and development tools directly through the Docket store. This can be done through the Docker Certification Program, which certifies the approach. This new move by Oracle adds to the number of images that are already available in the Docker Hub.

Mark Cavage, Vice President of Software Development at Oracle stated, “Together with Docker, Oracle is bringing bedrock software to millions of developers enabling them to create enterprise-grade solutions that meet stringent security, performance and resiliency SLAs with the high level of productivity and low friction that they have come to expect from Dockerizing their application development stack.”

Oracle indicated that the Docker images could be downloaded and tried on-premise or on a cloud provider of their choice. As to be expected, they also recommended using the Oracle Cloud, and even mentioned an offer of $300 in free credits. You can find this offer at

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