Lose 30 Pounds…Err., Build a Cloud App in 30 Days

Lose thirty pounds in thirty days… You’ve likely seen the little signs by the side of the road or gotten the spam.

Losing thirty pounds seems like a huge endeavor, but if you step back and think about losing one pound in one day, it doesn’t seem as daunting.

Build a Cloud application can have the same huge feeling as losing 30 pounds — it seem like a little more than most people think they can do. But what if you step back and approach the Cloud one day at a time.

Microsoft has set up a plan to cut down what you have to grasp on Cloud and put it into more manageable chunks. The program is called 30 to Launch.

In the 30 to Launch program, you start with an idea and then working with this site, you can take the steps needed to bring that application to fruition over the course of 30 days. They are even offering prizes to some of those that attempt this.

So, starting with little to no Cloud knowledge, all you need to do is head to www.30tolaunch.com. Once there, you can start the process. In fact, you can choose to do a Cloud app or a Phone application.

Here is some of the information that Microsoft stated about the program:

Your idea. Your Journey. 30 Days.

What can you achieve in 30 days? It doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but it’s more than enough to transform your cloud business with 30 to Launch.

If you are looking to start a cloud business, port your app to the cloud, or extend an existing app — 30 to Launch is for you. From technical and business consulting time to daily tips to keep you on track, your cloud business you can really kick start things with this program.

Also, what’s new with this challenge is that you can get competitive and stay on track with the 30 to Launch Timeline App. The Timeline App enables sharing of your progress with the entire 30 to Launch community. You’ll have the chance to showcase your app development and see where your app stacks up against other participants.

At the end of the challenge, not only will you be equipped to jump-start your cloud business, but you will also have a shot at winning $4,000 to invest in your cloud business. Sign up to the challenge which runs from April 23 to May 22, 2012.

*This contest will begin on April 23, 2012 and is open only to hobbyists, professionals, and developers in the field of software technology who are legal residents of the 50 U.S. + D.C. 18+. Please visit http://www.30tolaunch.com/WindowsAzure/Contest/OfficialRules on April 23rd to receive full details on how to participate.

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