Little IoT Devices Gives Bad Guys Bigger Opportunities

According to security experts at Unisys Corporation, they are predicting that there will be even more security challenges in the years ahead as mobile devices and applications  along with the increase in use of IoT (Internet of Things) make their way into the workplace.

 Unisys also reports that they expect people to be more focused on using payment systems such as Applie Pay because they are easy. They expect this to come at the expense of more secure use of credit cards with embedded chips that require additional pin numbers and such.

When you combine all of this with the transition to cloud and fabric-based computing infrastructures, the ability to control security through traditional firewall and other technologies begins to deteriorate. While encryption can help with some of the issues, the rate that technology is changing is faster than the time generally needed to make sure all things are secure.

The end result of the fast moving changes and new technologies is that it will continue to by difficult to apply cyber security. This means that the bad guys who want to steal your data or break into your systems are likely to have opportunities.  For more on this, check out the release, Unisys Experts Predict New Mobile Applications and the Internet of Things Will Create Even Greater Cybersecurity Challenges in 2015.

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