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Tuesday September 16, 2008

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Comments from the Editor

This week has had a couple of interesting
tidbits of news. The most interesting is a report by that the release to manufacturing of the
next version of Windows could be slated for as early as June of 2009—next
year. That is very aggressive, especially without a public beta already
being available. But then, this new version, Windows “7” would likely be
an upgraded version of Windows Vista.

When would a beta be available? Speculation is that Microsoft could be
handing out betas as early as the PDC conference next month or at their
WinHEC conference in November. Either way, it seems that Windows “7” is on
the fast track.

Another tidbit of news this week centers on the idea of producing a
laptop for under $100. This objective has been a focus for many years to
provide developing countries and others a means of using the Internet and
a computer. It appears that HiVision is reaching this goal.

In October, HiVision expects to release a miniNote that can be bought
for $98 in large quantities. They currently have the cost down to $120,
but believe they will be able to break the $100 cost. The machine will
have a gig of RAM, WiFi, three USBs, RJ45 connection, audio, and more. It
will be available with Linux or WindowsCE.

Although I’m unable to find the new miniNotes listed on their site, you
can find a number of videos and reports on the Internet that show these in
action. has a great video that shows the machine running
They also have footage of a HiVision representative showing a hot pink
version of the machine that is currently in production for about $120.

It is easy to get excited about cheap computers and new operating
systems. I do, however, believe it is a safe bet to say that these two new
developments are not going to meet in the near future!

Until next week…

Bradley L. Jones

Recently Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading
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Lindberg for O’Reilly
350 pages for $34.99

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By Bill Tancer for
240 pages for $25.95

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