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Tuesday December 16, 2008

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Last week the Visual C++ team stopped by
the Codeguru forums to chat about C++0x, the next release of the C++
programming language. They also discussed a bit about Visual C++ 10 while
they were here. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the forum last week,
you can still find all the threads and discussions at:

10 impact on existing code? (VC++)

language feature checklist (VC++)

New Articles on

with the SimpleTurtle Class: Multimedia Programming with

By Richard G.
Learn how the World class and the Turtle class of the
multimedia library implement a practical version of the Model-View-Control
programming paradigm. Investigate the differences between placing a turtle
in a world and placing a turtle in a picture.

Your Code Work for You with Java Annotations

By David Thurmond
Use Java annotations
to take the grunt work out of coding.

Introduction to UML for Object-Oriented Design

By Mark Grand
The Unified Modeling
Language (UML) is a notation you can use for object-oriented design. This
article contains a brief overview of UML to introduce you to the subset of
UML that you can use to describe classes, interfaces, objectsand the
relationships among them.

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