Update SMTP class part II

Environment: Windows NT 4.0 with sp3, VC6.0

I’ve previously sent a article about Wes Clyburn’s SMTP class.
But I forgot to place the files TextPlain.cpp and TextPlain.h.
Also, some people asked for a demo, so here you are.

The demo project is very easy to look. Go directly to the
function – void CEMailDlg::OnButtonSend() – to see everything
needed to understand how the class work. The project have been
built with Windows NT 4.0 with sp3 and VC6.0. Even if you don’t
have this version it should also work. I’ve also added a makefile
with everything needed to start a new project for those who don’t
have the Visual C++ 6.0.

The demo’s code have been done really rapidly, I do not intent
that’s good programmation 😉

Download demo project – 76KB

Download source – 18KB

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