Programmatically Create Dialup Connection Objects

Environment: This code has been successfully tested under Windows 9x and Windows NT


CRasAbsLay is a simple class that encapsulates the functionality that
you need from RAS to be able to create dialup connections in your Dialup
connection folder. You cannot assume that all the machines
have the RAS services available and you cannot link the RAS API library
statically to your application, that’s the reason why use the object CRas
instead of calling the API directly.

I wrote this class when I wrote a installation program from an ISP that
setup your Dialup Network with their connection settings.

Integrating the Code in Your Application

  1. Add  RasAbsLay.cpp and RasAbsLay.h to your project

  2. If you are not already including afxtempl.h, add it to your stdafx.h file

  3. Call CreatePhoneBookEntry member to create your connection

The Demo Project

The example code is a dialog-based application that prompts the user
for information regarding its connection and creates the proper dial-up settings.


Download demo project – 15 Kb

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