Peer to Peer Network Messenger


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Environment: VC6 Only (No platform SDK required) Only tested in WinXP, WinNT, and Win2k.

This program was inspired from some other code I found on this site which makes a little popup window from the system tray (I just had to make something from it!)

This program is a peer to peer messenger program which functions (and looks) like MSN messenger. since this program is peer to peer there is no hidden server code, it’s all here!

This is only intended for use on LAN’s or any other network which uses static IP addresses, since the IP address is the primary contact identifier unlike MSN messenger which uses email addresses. It works by making socks connections to all other users on the contact list. there are some problems with this: i.e. when you have a large list of users it can take a very long time to attempt to connect to all contacts.

Here are some of the features:

  • File transfer
  • Task bar popup window (code used from another codeguru user)
  • Blocking of contacts
  • ‘Away’ and ‘Appear offline’ status
  • Drag and drop of files onto nicknames onto contact list to start file transfer
  • Program minimises into the system tray when closed, can also be set to minimise on startup (use /M switch when starting)

If you don’t like the fact that it’s a total ripoff of MSN messenger, Change it! I’m just not very good at making things look good.

Update (3/23/2002)

Fixes / New features

  • Emoticons support
  • Changable user fonts
  • Changable dialog colors
  • Re-sizable send message section in conversation window
  • Other small bits and pieces

NT4 Users

From my NT4 machines this program seems to work pretty well.

You may get an error saying ‘Ordinal xxxx could not be located in mfc42.dll’, just grab an mfc42.dll off your nearest 2000/XP machine and put it in the Netmsg directory.

Some users have reported the program crashing instantly. This occurs when the program tries to create its threads, It seems to be more common on lower service packs. I have no idea what causes this nor can I be bothered trying to solve it since it is so rare.

95/98/ME Users

I don’t have any of these operating systems installed on my PCs. I do not have the time or resources to test this program in these operating systems.

Some users have reported that the program works fine in these operating systems. I hope so!


If you find even the slightest thing wrong with this program could you please either email me, or add me to your list on MSN Messenger and explain them to me

My MSN Contact is: [email protected]
Note: this is not my email address


Download source – 403 Kb

Download compiled version (Includes Windows XP Visual Styles) – 220 Kb

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