Open Source Instant Messenger

Environment:VC5, VC6

PeopleWatcher is a small (about 2,500 lines of code) but
reasonably extensive instant messenger program. It provides all the
standard features of an instant messenger, including
message server and client systems, away messages, and
friends lists. Its open source license means you can
freely use its code to build new applications. PeopleWatcher
is easily extended over more exotic IM features, easily
embedded into existing applications.

Implemented features to learn and use

Below is an abbreviated list of the components that went into
building PeopleWatcher.

  • Bitmap item list boxes
  • Network message server
  • Network message client
  • Multi-thread handling / communication
  • Paned options dialog box
  • System registry API
  • Filesystem registry API
  • Network connection detector
  • Color box GUI item
  • Active friends list

You can use the PeopleWatcher code as a source for their
implementations, or simply to see how they fit into a full
working application.


Download compiled version – 822 Kb
Download the source code – 328 Kb

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