Open Source Chat Program

Environment:VC5, VC6

FriendlyTalk is a simple chat program offering the standard
features of a chat client. FriendlyTalk allows its users to
send instant invitations to chat; chat with any number of
people, in real-time; set away messages; and more. FriendlyTalk
also boasts an unique combination of mIRC- and ICQ-style chats;
not only can you see your friends type, but you have a history
of the chat for easy reference.

If you’re interested in building your own chat program,
or simply learning how its done, FriendlyTalk can save you
a lot of time. Often its instructive to see all the components
working together; you can also easily separate the various parts
for use alone in your applications.

Implemented features to learn and use

Below is an abbreviated list of the components that went into
building FriendlyTalk.

  • Bitmap item list boxes
  • Bitmap background list boxes
  • Owner-drawn GUI item for chat history
  • Modified parallel CEdit class
  • Network message server
  • Network message client
  • Thread-managed network queue
  • Hue-based bitmap color mapping system
  • Multi-thread handling / communication
  • Paned options dialog box
  • System registry API
  • Filesystem registry API
  • Network connection detector
  • Color box GUI item
  • Active friends list

You can use the FriendlyTalk code as a source for their
implementations, or simply to see how they fit into a full
working application.


Download compiled version – 912 Kb
Download the source code – 433 Kb

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