Finger Utility

System requirements (in square brackets data of my system)

  • Windows NT 4.0 [Workstation, Build 1381: Service Pack 4]
  • Windows Sockets 1.1 Network Support [wsock32.dll, ws2_32.dll]
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, MFC 4.2 [mfc42.dll]

  1. 1. Install, configure
  2. Unzip retaining directory structure to any location
    with approx 20Mb of free space. You’ll get a folder ./finger

  3. 2. Build
  4. Open workspace ./finger/finger.dsw, run build.
    If building debug configuration, browse info will be available.

Program’s Design:

  • CFingerDlg class – user interaction, maintains a pool of threads
  • CFingerThread class – creates a socket and sends messages to dialog,
    when socket events occur, keeps query results
  • CFingerSocket class – implements socket, establishes connection, sends and
    receives data


Download application (with source code) – 29 Kb

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