Browse IIS Directory Structures

This article contains the complete project for an ISAPI Extension
for exploring Web Servers with Microsoft Internet Information Server

Very often, such servers are not properly configured, so,
system dlls like ISAPI Extensions are allowed to view the
contents of each drive, including CDROM and other removeable drives.

Just open the project, compile it and upload the DLL to the WebServer
of your choice. Obviously, take care that the server is running
IIS. Then using your browser, enter the URL of the ISAPI Extension.
The ISAPI Extension will read the directory of the server (if
it is not protected by the operating system) and allow you to
view it’s contents as a HTML web page. The icons which you can see
are stored on, because at this time I am not able
to send the images while sending the HTML page to the Client via ISAPI.

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Download source – 11 Kb

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