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Hello from Greece.

My is showing an easy way to create a web browser. It uses Microsoft’s ActiveX control for that purpose. There is already an example in the site, but i think mine is easier. That’s because i use the Wizard to create the CWebBrowser class. As you see all we need to do is:

0. Add the Web Browser ActiveX control to the project. The AppWizard creates the CWebBrowser class for us.

1. We must create an instance of a CWebBrowser when OnCreate() Event occurs in our View class.

2. Use the OnSize() Event to size our control so that it covers the whole application’s window.

3. Add some navigation buttons to the toolbar, with the appropriate handlers.

The job is very easy done because the AppWizard is creating the CWebBrowser class for us.

ATTENTION: The example code loads the a.htm, which must be at the same folder as the program.

The example code cannot be executed from the VC environment because it receives a wrong directory when, it calls the GetCurrentDir(), inside OnCreate() function and it cannot load the a.htm page.

Bye from Greece – Panagiotis.

Download Sample (59 kb)

Article added on June 21 1998

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