Industry IoT Adoption

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IoT AdoptionIoT Adoption

We did a survey of on the topic of the the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the questions we asked was around the considerations or adoption of IoT. More specifically, we asked whether they were deployed and using IoT, were in progress of using IoT within a year, were exploring or defining their use and thus within a year or two of usage, were investing and considering IoT with no timeline, or were non-adopters that had no plans for IoT.

The results are in and we broke them out for five different industries. You can find those results in the slides that follow. You can find the complete results from our survey in the

Manufacturing IoT AdoptionManufacturing IoT Adoption Status

Manufacturing had the lowest number of people with no plans for adopting or considering IoT. The largest group within manufacturing were exploring and defining their IoT plans with a target within one to two years.

Education IoT Adoption StatusEducation IoT Adoption Status

Education had the lowest numbers when it came to adopting or being in the process of adopting IoT technology. Additionally, the had the highest numbers for those with no adoption plans.

Technology IoT Adoption StatusTechnology IoT Adoption Status

Not surprising, the Technology group had the highest number for having already deployed or used IoT. Granted, this was just 1% above manufacturing; however, if you added the numbers for those in progress, then the Technology group moves to a total of 38% versus the 32% of manufacturing.

Banking/Finance IoT Adoption StatusBanking/Finance IoT Adoption Status

The Banking/Finance group had the lowest numbers for those that have moved beyond investigating. While its overall numbers for those with no plans were substantially lower than the Education group, the education group had more people that were at the exploring/defining level and above.

Healthcare IoT Adoption StatusHealthcare IoT Adoption Status

Healthcare ended up in the middle of the groups in that it didn’t have the highest adoption , nor did it have the highest number of people still investigating or having no plans. The one notable area was that the Healthcare group did have the second highest number for IoT projects in progress.

Combined IoT Adoption StatusCombined IoT Adoption Status

When you combine the different industries, the overall numbers are spread out with a majority skewed towards no plans or the stages of investigation versus those industries that are already in progress or deployed. Even so, it is expected that as time moves forward, the numbers will push toward more deployments as those still exploring made their decisions and as those in progress release their IoT solutions.

All Five IndustriesAll Five Industries

As an easy chart, this final slide shows you the IoT status for each of the five industries together.

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