Task Manager Extension



This is an extension for the Windows Task Manager (NT/2000). The features are the following:

  • Show Application icons in Processes list (if available)
  • Use different color for services
  • Find a used file by any process. (Use * as file name for showing every used file)
    (The search is a full text search, so for example you can use the extension only) 
  • Find a used module by any process
    (The search is a full text search, so for example you can search for “kernel”) 
  • Show Process ID in Applications tab
  • Use different color for processes if the CPU usage reaches a given limit ( 25%, 50%, 75% )
  • Query list of every files, handles, modules, windows used by a given process
  • Close a used file (you can unlock an exclusively opened file, so you can delete it)
  • Unload a used module (so you can delete it)
  • You can kill services too
  • Fast end process. Press DEL key!

For best performance you have to be an administrator!


Copy the TaskManagerEx.exe and TaskManagerEx.Dll to a directory and then execute TaskManagerEx.exe. This executable will hook every instance of Task Manager. If you want to start TaskManagerEx.exe automatically, create a shortcut in the Startup folder.


Thanks to everybody who contributed anything on http://www.codeguru.com. Especially for the List View section! 
System information classes: http://www.codeguru.com/system/ntsysteminfo.shtml.
Remote module load/unload: http://www.codeguru.com/dll/LoadDll.shtml


If you close or unload any file/handle from a process, it can crash.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes TaskManager.exe crashes after start. Start it again!
  • If you query used files on NT4, the Messenger service brings up a dialog. I don’t know why 🙂

Bug fixes

  • Set priority sub menu fix 3/26/2001
  • Internationalization fix (Using Taskmgr caption from resources) . Thanks Dominique Faure! 3/30/2001

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