SpeedySCM: Terminating Services, Quickly Starting Multiple Services

SpeedySCM is an improvement on the NT Service Control Manager.
Even though I’ve seen two other service control managers posted
at CodeGuru (called “Services” and “ServiceInstaller”), I believe
this program has a couple of interesting features:

  1. Mulitple selection
    SpeedySCM allows you to start, pause, stop, and continue
    multiple services with a single click.

  2. Terminate –
    This allows you to TerminateProcess a crashed service.
    You no longer have to start the Visual Studio debugger
    and attach it; a single click will do. Terminating groups
    of services is also allowed.

  3. Continuous updates
    SpeedySCM keeps track of a service until it has
    completed the control action. This is done for multiple
    services at the same time. If an error occurs, it is
    displayed in a list; no annoying messageboxes pop up.

  4. Speed
    Compared to the native SCM, or the other programs I’ve seen
    at CodeGuru, this program is really fast.

  5. Multithreading
    Service controls are performed in a separate thread,
    so you never have to wait for one action to finish before
    you can start the next.

  6. Network enabled
    You can control services over the network (although
    the ‘terminate’ feature works only on the local PC.)

SpeedySCM is really useful to me because I can debug
services faster. Especially dealing with crashed services
has become easier (Visual Studio takes a while to start up!)
Also, if you have a large project with 20 dependant services,
you can stop them all at once. Compared to the native SCM’s
stop – close dialog – stop close dialog – etc…. this is a
pleasant feature.


Download source – 37 Kb

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