Simple Clipboard Class

This simple class gives you a group of three static functions that give
you the power to use the clipboard for text. You can now implement cut, copy,
and paste in your text-based application with ease, without worrying about the
little details of clipboard work. These functions are all static, meaning
you don’t need to actually instantiate the class to use them.

There are three functions available:


   This function puts text on the clipboard.


   This function retrieves text from the clipboard.


   This function retrieves the length of the text on the clipboard.

If any of these functions return FALSE, then there was an error during
the clipboard operation; otherwise, the operation was successful. In the future,
I’d like to expand this into a more robust clipboard control class, perhaps
using some of the other code that exists here on Codeguru. If anyone would like
to take a stab at that before I do, please send your results back up when
you have something!

Here is an example of how this class might be used:

#include "Clipboard.h"


        // Write text to the clipboard
        char pastebuf[256];
        strcpy (pastebuf, "Put this on the clipboard.");


        // Retrieve text from the clipboard
        char copybuf[256];
        CClipboard::GetText(copybuf, 256);

Download demo project – 13 KB

Download source – 3 KB

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