Remapping resource script ID’s

This is code which a lot of people on the WinDev list keep requesting from
me. It resequences the define’s in a resource.h file. I use it primarily for
DLL’s when I don’t want the resource id’s to overlap with id’s used in other
DLL’s or in the main program. The program simply renumbers all ID_?, IDC_?
And IDS_? starting at a given value. A .inf file is written which retains
the settings for future use. IDS_?’s are maintained at their offset within
each 16 string table (ie “IDS_ % 16” is unchanged).

This is the source and a build (VC 5) for the RCRemap utility. I developed
it from source from an individual whose name I’ve forgotten. The code has
worked well for me [disclaimer on] but I make no claims as to its fitness
for any particular purpose. Use at your own risk [disclaimer off]. The code
is public domain as far as I’m concerned.

Download source – 21KB

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