Place a enhanced metafile on the clipboard (uses OLE)

(1) If you don’t have OLE in your project already then add this

#include < afxole.h >

and do the following during initialization


(2) The following places a metafile copy of a view on the clipboard. It can be easily modified to work with any CWnd that draws to a CDC.

void CMyView::OnEditCopyWmf()
	tagSTGMEDIUM * data;
	CClientDC dcRef( this );
	data = new tagSTGMEDIUM;
	CMetaFileDC * dcMeta;
	dcMeta = new CMetaFileDC();
	COleDataSource* pData = new COleDataSource;
	CRect lmbr;
	//replace "ImageName" with a description of this image
	dcMeta->CreateEnhanced(&dcRef, NULL, NULL,"ImageNameCopy" );
	//actually draw to the device context
	//done drawing
	data->tymed = TYMED_ENHMF;
	data->hEnhMetaFile = dcMeta->CloseEnhanced();
	pData->CacheData( CF_ENHMETAFILE, data );
	delete dcMeta;
	delete data;

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