MFC class “Tip of the Day” like WinZip

Environment: VC6

This control CStartupTip helps to create a dialog
“Tip of the Day” like WinZip “Tip of the Day”. It splits tip text
into strings and displays these strings in special multi-line window.
CStartupTip is derived from CStatic.


  1. Include StartupTip.cpp and StartupTip.h in your project
  2. Create new CStartupTip class object (for example, m_tip) and
    just invoke create function like you create a standard CStatic object.
  3. Set tip text, icon and parameters of the control:
    BOOL CTipsDlg::OnInitDialog()
       // TODO: Add extra initialization here
       m_tip.SetTipText("This is a test");
       return TRUE;
  4. Call SetTipText or SetIcon to change text or icon

Member functions:

  • SetTipText(LPCTSTR lpText) – set the text of the tip. The text will be splitted
    into strings (maximum 10) bounded by whole word. The words must be
    separated by spaces. Maximum lenght of the text depends on maximum
    symbols in the string that is defined by SetMaxLen function
  • SetMaxLen(int n) – set the maximum lenght (in symbols) of the string.
    The string must be no more than 100 symbols. Default is 50 symbols.
  • SetIcon(UINT n) – set an icon in the LeftPane. n – resource id of the icon.
  • SetLeftPaneColor(COLORREF color) – set a color of the LeftPane.
    Default is RGB(132,130,132)
  • SetBgColor(COLORREF color) – set a background color
    Default is RGB(255,255,255)
  • SetLeftPaneSize(int n) – set a size of the LeftPane.
    Default is 50 pixels


Download demo project – 14KB Kb

Download source – 3KB

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