Intellimouse panning (improved Auto-Panning Windows)

This article improves on the code submitted by Umut Alev,
Auto-Panning Windows

Ever since I saw the use of this Intellimouse control in the Infoviewer of DevStudio and later in
Microsofts Internet Explorer, I’ve wanted an improved version that didn’t strain the eyes and
had much finer increments than 1-pixel, 2-pixels etc. Eudora Pro can use Microsofts viewer and
since I read a number of newsletters, the scrolling is either too slow or too fast. I also wanted the
panning to be simultanoeusly possible both vertically and horizontally.

Improvements made

  • Scroll simultaneously in horizontal and vertical directions. I added code to Umuts class
    to handle scrolling both vertically and horizontally at the same time (you can still have
    it the old way, it’s a BOOL switch). The cursor does not change in this case, it remains
    the pointer in all four directions.
  • Scroll with much finer resolution (much smoother) by time and pixel dependant scrolling.

Download source – 5KB

Download the two source files mfxWhlPan.h and mfxWhlPan.c in this ZIP file.
You must download Umats demo project – 38KB or his
source – 4.9KB and replace the two files.

Date Posted: 5/22/98

Posted by: Pat Laplante.

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