Getting the Module (exe) Filename from an HWND

Environment: Windows 2000, Visual C++ 6

After searching for an article on how to find an executable name from an HWND and coming up dry, I decided to write one.
First off I would like to say thanks to Jeff Kay for finding the PSAPI stuff on MSDN. 🙂 Also, I would like to say that
this code will only work with Windows NT/2000. I will be writing the Windows 98 version later on
this week. Thanks for understanding.

In order to compile this project, you must link in PSAPI.lib which comes on the MSDN CDs (it also is included in the
project zip file, not the source zip file). If you use this in any projects, PSAPI.dll will need to be supplied with the project since it
is not packaged with the OS yet.

I am relatively new to writing for CodeGuru so here goes… On to the good stuff…

This class will basically use the EnumWindows function to get a handle to all the running windows. This function will
be called from the Process() function. The Process function takes an integer called filter.
This paramter can be ORed together to create a filter list of windows you do not want to include.

#define FILTER_VISIBLEONLY 1 // not compatible with NONVISIBLEONLY
#define FILTER_NONVISIBLEONLY 2 // not compatible with VISIBLEONLY
#define FILTER_PARENTONLY 4 // not compatible with CHILDONLY
#define FILTER_CHILDONLY 8 // not compatible with PARENTONLY
#define FILTER_APPS 16 // filter out programs by class name on
// the exclude list, use AddExclusion

The FILTER_VISIBLEONLY will filter out any invisible windows. The FILTER_NONVISIBLEONLY will of course filter out any
visible windows. The FITLER_PARENTONLY will filter all child windows and get only the parent windows. The FILTER_CHILDONLY
will filter out anything that is not a child window. The FILTER_APPS will filter any applications based on their classname.
You can add apps to this exclusion list with the function AddExclusion().

The FILTER_VISIBLEONLY is not compatible with FILTER_NONVISIBLEONLY. As well the FILTER_PARENTONLY is not compatible


CEnumWinModules em;
em.AddExclusion("AFX:400000:8:10011:0:2ed014d"); // msdev's classname

// this will filter all invisible non-parent and the msdev program.

for (int i=0;i<em.GetWindowCount();i++)
TRACE3("Title: %s\tClass: %s\tExe: %s\n",

I hope you guys found this article useful. This is my first attempt at writing
for CodeGuru and I apologize if I forgot to do something or this
topic was already covered. :)

Comments are definitely welcome.


Download demo project - 15 Kb

Download source - 5 Kb

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