Generic Viewer/Printing Application for Windows Files

Environment: Visual C++ 5 (SP1), Windows 95 (SP2), Windows 98 (SP1)

This is a simple SDI application that allows to view and print the “usual” Windows
files from MFC, such as HTML, TXT, DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT and so forth, provided that
you already have defined an association for each file type on your system. It is
based on previous CodeGuru articles
(‘Using HtmlView apart from Tecno Preview
by Iuri Apollonio and
‘Printing Web Pages like Internet Explorer’
by Sriram Srinivasan.

All I have done is to add printing capabilities (and a shortcut, regarding
text files -see below) to Apollonio’s CHView class, and derived my CView from
said class, and it works!

The source sample is a bare bones SDI application, on which I have added the
modified CHView class, GFXEXDISP.H header and the UUID.LIB library.

Note that text files cause a slight complication, since they are not
readily accessible from the browser, and the browser object does not support
the usual text editors. Hence, and since I badly needed a generic viewer/printing
app in a hurry, just wrote a couple of routines for performing a “brute force”
translation of text to HTML on a temporary file. I know that there are many
solutions far better than mine, but… at least it works.


Download source – 112 Kb

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