Full-Screen Dialog

Recently I have taken part in a project. I developed a dialog based full-screen program. When the
application is activated it sets the work area of the primary display monitor to the full screen,
saves current screen settings and then switches to 800x600x(Maximal available number of colors)
mode, hides Windows Taskbar and opens its dialog in full screen. Being deactivated it restores the
previous display settings. For this purpose I made CFullScreenDlg class derived from MFC CDialog and
added all necessary functionality to it.

Step 1: Create new dialog based project by using MFC AppWizard.

Step 2: Set the project’s dialog to the size, in pixels, you want the visible screen area to change to.

Step 3: Derive your dialog C++ class from CFullScreenDlg. Be sure that you have added an include statement for CFullScreenDlg class definition.

That is all. Now you could compile your project and try out how the program behaves. Use Ctrl-Esc and Alt-Tab keyboard shortcuts to see how it behaves being activated and deactivated.


Download demo project – 20 Kb
Download source – 2 Kb

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