FTP Client for Pocket PC

Environment: Embedded Visual Tools, NT4 SP5, PocketPC

The class FtpSockClient shows the functionality offered by the pocket PC device for socket data transfer.
The class is single threaded, based on the blocking CSocket calls.

You can use the class as:

CftpSockClient ftp;

// Connect to some server
BOOL bResult = ftp.ConnectToServer(_T(“ftp.microsoft.com”),
if (!bResult)
AfxMessageBox(L”Error Connecting to Server”);

// Try logging as anonymous
bResult = ftp.UserLogin(L”anonymous”,
L”[email protected]”);

if (!bResult )
AfxMessageBox(L”Error Connecting to Server”);

CString csDir = ftp.GetWorkingDirectory();

CString csFileList;

ftp.GetFileList(csDir, csFileList);

ftp. DisconnectFromServer();

The class shows elementary functionality and is an attempt at sockets. Please do tell me
the bugs that you find. Ill be glad to fix them…if I am able to.


Download source – 7 Kb

Download demo project – 52 Kb

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