Easy Dialog, Property Sheet and Window Resizing

Environment: VC6, NT4, Win9x, WinXP

Dialog sizer

Share any modifications you make with me so I can share them with others…help make this a better tool and let’s help everyone else so they don’t need to write the same thing again!

About the author

I’m a C++ developer with more years than I can remember.
Main day job is working on the rather fabulous PC based TV guide called DigiGuide.

My ‘spare time’ is occupied by writing either contract code or working on stuff for my own website, which includes QHTM – a rather nifty HTML rendering windows control.

I wrote this library *ages* ago but, as is always the case, once the fun(coding) bit is out of the way that only leaves writing the web pages, creating the zip files and uploading it – none of which is fun.

Hope you get as much use out of it as I have, and don’t forget to share your mods!


  • Only source code Includes source for the library and the examples, plus any supporting files needed – 83 Kb
  • Compiled examples only So you can take a quick look and see if the library does what you expect – 39 Kb

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