DriverService C++ Class


DriverService is designed to be included in C++ projects which support Microsoft
Foundation Classes (MFC).

DriverService is specifically designed to run on the following platforms:

  • Windows NT 4, Windows NT 4 Server
  • Windows 2000 Pro, Server, Advanced Server
  • Windows XP Home, Pro


The DriverService code implements the CDriverService class. This class is designed
to simplify the following client tasks:

  • Install a driver
  • Start a driver
  • Stop a driver
  • Query as to whether a driver is currently running

It is up to the user to understand the ramifications of their actions when
using DriverService. Modifying or removing a service may lead to a machine being
unable to boot or run properly. The L5 Software Group bears no responsibility
for problems resulting from the misuse of this software.

Please refer to the sample application code (DriverServiceTest.cpp) to see
how this class is used. In addition, the download able source contains a complete
description of the API for this class.


Download source – 22 Kb

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