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The Directory Picker dialog box lets the user specify directory to select. This module creates
and displays a dialog box. This dialog box was developed by customizing Windows 3.1 Open dialog box.
It can be used in any of the windows platforms.

To integrate with any code:

  • Include the header file “dirpickf.h”
  • Declare an object for CDirPick class
  • Invoke the following member function to select a directory.
  • Include the dirpick.lib in the project settings.


int SelectDirectory(HWND hWnd,LPTSTR lpTitle,LPTSTR lpDirPath);

Return Value

Returns the return value of the DoModal function of CFileDialog.
It can be either IDOK or IDCANCEL.


hWnd – Handle to the Parent window.

lpTitle – Title to be displayed on the dialog box.

LpDirPath – Pointer to the buffer to get selected path.

Last updated: 19 May 1998

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