[description]Official Network Reader application used to read articles from,,, and Easily scroll through content from all of the sites at once and quickly jump to an article to read the full text. Using the Windows 8 Options charm you can customize the browser to use and/or which sites to read.[/description]

The Network Reader is a Windows 8 application that was built over the course of a few days. The application taps into RSS feeds to aggregate various content from the network. The application code is available along with an article that shows how the code works. You can find this in the article, Building the Developer.Com Windows 8 App.

This application was relatively easy to build. It includes the ability to snap the application, to set custom options, and to do sharing. If you look at the article, you’ll see that the article lets you synchronize the RSS feeds and bind the data within the application.

Overall, the amount of coding necessary to create this application was minimal. The Visual Studio tool s and the framework take care of a lot of the heavy lifting. Check out the article here on Codeguru for more on the details of the code.


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