Customizing the font dialog

This is an implementation of my class and the dialog

The motivation for doing that:

Our program stores font info in the drawing. It may happen that I
save the picture on one machine, take it to the other one, edit it
there and take it back to the first one. Now suppose the first
machine has font “StrangeFont CE” while the second one does not. We
do not want to convert anything if the user does not intend to (we
just display some other font but save with the original one).

To make the things more complicated (we do zooming), we save font
height as double, negative meaning “height undefined” – ie. specified
by other means. (Therefore the two added controls to the dialog.)

This example:

1. Adds two controls and handles them, using DDX and Fail() method as
well. It also shows handling of WM_ACTIVATEAPP and WM_QUERYENDSESSION
not to pop-up error messagebox in vain.

2. It adds a special font to the combo box and if it is selected,
disables font style and script combos.

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