Custom Window Class for View Window

Often I have been coding away and realized that to get exactly the behavior I would like I would need to change the Window
class for my View window. Upon looking into the Developer Studio help file, and perusing the help to AfxRegisterClass, I’d
realize that this could be a bit more work than one would originally think. The most recent time I went to do this I came
across Zafir Anjum’s example “Titletip for individual cells” in the ListView section of this code repository. Looking at
what he had done for his custom window classes I realized that if I could get the class info for the default window class of the MFC View class, it would be trivial to change the settings of said class and reregister it under a new name. This is
what I came up with.

#define CUSTOM_CLASSNAME _T(“YourCustomClassName”)

BOOL CMyView::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)

// modify window styles and such here |= (WS_CLIPCHILDREN | WS_CLIPSIBLINGS);

// call base class PreCreateWindow to get the cs.lpszClass filled in with the MFC default class name
if( !CView::PreCreateWindow(cs) )
return 0;

// Register the window class if it has not already been registered.

WNDCLASS wndcls;
HINSTANCE hInst = AfxGetInstanceHandle();

if(!(::GetClassInfo(hInst, CUSTOM_CLASSNAME, &wndcls))) // check if our class is registered
if(::GetClassInfo(hInst, cs.lpszClass, &wndcls)) // get default MFC class settings
wndcls.lpszClassName = CUSTOM_CLASSNAME; // set our class name |= CS_OWNDC; // change settings for your custom class
wndcls.hbrBackground = NULL;

if (!AfxRegisterClass(&wndcls)) // register class
AfxThrowResourceException(); // could not register class
AfxThrowResourceException(); // default MFC class not registered

cs.lpszClass = CUSTOMVIEWCLASSNAME; // set our class name in CREATESTRUCT

return 1; // we’re all set

Date Posted: 6/24/98

Posted by: Pat Laplante.

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