Control Panel Applet Framework

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The Windows
Control Panel
is the ideal way to allow a user to alter settings for an application
that runs
in the background, or automatically. But what are control panel
and how do you write one? Well, after some exploring in the MSDN I
that control panel applets are just standard DLLs with a particular set
of entry
points and a .cpl extension. Place such a file in the Windows System
and the next time you start up control panel your applet will be there.
discovered what I needed to know I set about writing a control panel
applet and
once I’d done that, I turned the bulk of the code into a mini applet
so I wouldn’t have to write it ever again!

To implement your control panel applet
all you
need to do is the following:

  • include
    "ControlApplet.hpp" and
    publicly derive a class from CJBControlPanelApplet.

  • call the CJBControlPanelApplet
    and pass resource IDs for the applet’s icon, name and

  • implement the pure virtual
    OnDoubleClick() – this is where your applet becomes live and can
    display a
    dialog or whatever.

  • create an instance of your applet
    class at
    global scope.

  • link with ControlApplet.cpp and
    ControlApplet.def in your project. ControlApplet.cpp gives you the
    implementation of CJBControlPanelApplet and suitable DllMain() and
    CPlApplet() DLL entry point functions.

So that this article and code can be kept up to date more easily
provided a link to where the article is located on my own web pages. Read
the full article and download the source code

Last updated: 27 June 1998

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