Class to get a thread safe count of previous Instances

There have been many examples,posted on CodeGuru, of how to check for a previously running instance of
an application. Some used DDE, others mutexs but what struck me as the easiest suggestion was to use
a ‘shared section’ to store a flag – accessable by every instance.

The following class uses that technique, along with a couple of the ‘interlocked’ functions to make
it threadsafe. Instead of a simple flag, a count of running instances is kept. The count obtained by
the class is only a snapshot.

To use the class simply create a static instance of it. Then check the ‘Count()’ method to determine
how many instances of your application where running before the CPreviousInstance object was

Code tested on WinNT 4.0 spk 4 VC6.0 spk 2

// CPreviousInstance.h

class CPreviousInstance
virtual ~CPreviousInstance();

LONG Count() const
return m_previous;

static LONG s_count;
LONG m_previous;

CPreviousInstance(const CPreviousInstance&);
CPreviousInstance& operator=(const CPreviousInstance&);

// CPreviousInstance.cpp

// static instance count stored in a shared read/write section

#pragma data_seg(“Instance”)

LONG CPreviousInstance::s_count = 0;

#pragma data_seg()
#pragma comment(linker,”/section:Instance,rws”)

// Construction/Destruction

m_previous = ::InterlockedIncrement(&s_count);


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