CDirSelDialog : Folder Selection Dialog

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CDirSelDialog is derived from CFileDialog. It is customized to show only directories, and
it has the following additional features :

  • You can optionally see the files in a directory, before you decide to choose one
    directory for a particular purpose. This feature was lacking in previous versions
    of directory selection dialogs, either a class was derived from CFileDialog or
    a class abstacted the API function SHBrowseForFolder.
  • In the editbox, you can type in directory name or .. or whatever, which you want
    to navigate to. However, CDirSelDialog will not let you type the masks, like *.h or *.*
    etc, to view the files within the listview control. If you want to see the files,
    you can view them in the separate listbox, for which no mask is used, *.* being used always.
  • You can choose to navigate to the previous directories, which you have visited earlier,
    using the bottom combobox.
  • From the ComboBox, you can copy the directory name into clipboard if reqd.
  • Finally, thanks to Mihai Filimon for

    his article on Folder Dialog
    , providing the windowproc hook to start with. In his
    article, he had used “*..*” intentionally to avoid showing files in the listview control.
    However, I have used “.*” as file mask for the listview control, to get better results.

    Sample Usage Code for CDirSelDialog would be

    CDirSelDialog dirdlg;
    if( dirdlg.DoModal() == IDOK )
    AfxMessageBox( dirdlg.GetDirName() );

    Download demo & source code – 22 Kb

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