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New VC++ look Tip of the day

Standard Component Gallery Tip of the Day dialog

Microsoft supplies a standard Component Gallery
item called Tip of the day. IMHO this dialog is quite ugly, so I wrote
another one which reproduces the look of the VC++ 4.0 Tip of the Day dialog.
System color changes are handled correctly, that is the lightbulb is displayed
correctly on the background (COLOR_BTNSHADOW). Therefore the lightbuld
is stored in a resource bitmap and the outside of the bulb is filled with
COLOR_BTNSHADOW prior to displaying.

There is another most useful feature: the Microsoft
supplied Tip of the day class opens the Tip file in the current directory
whereas my Tip of the Day class opens the dialog in the folder where the
executable resides.

To integrate the new Tip of the day dialog into
application proceed as follows:

  • Use the Insert-Component command and insert the tip of the day component.
    This will add TipDlg.h and TipDlg.cpp to your project.

  • Edit stdafx.h and remove the #include <e:\MSDEV\Projects\Tip\TipDlg.h>
    or whatever line.

  • Replace the two automatically generated files  TipDlg.h and TipDlg.cpp
    with those supplied in the sample

  • Replace the IDD_TIP dialog with the one supplied in the sample.

  • That should be all.

The sample compiles with VC++ 4.0 and should also compile with more recent
versions of MFC and or VC++.

Last updated: 17 July 1998

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