Spelly – Spell Checker

Spelly is an add-in to Microsoft Developer Studio 97.
It adds the ability to spellcheck source code and comments, including
identifiers with under_scores and MixedCase.

Please send bug reports and suggestions to [email protected].
Latest version available at http://www.kinetica.com/home/yon/4dev/


This software is provided as-is. Don’t blame me if it trashes your
source files, your system, or your life.


  1. Copy Spelly.dll to the add-ins folder of Developer Studio:
    C:Program FilesDevStudioSharedIDEAddIns

  2. Copy Spelly.lex to your Windows folder (Sorry).
  3. In Developer Studio, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Customize…”.
  4. Go to the “Add-ins and Macro Files” tab (the last one). Mark the checkbox next to “Spelly” as checked, and click “Close”.
  5. Developer Studio adds a new toolbar with the Spelly button. You can move this button to another toolbar by pressing the Alt key
    while dragging the button.

To deactivate Spelly, perform steps 3-4, but uncheck the checkbox next to Spelly.

To completely uninstall Spelly:

  1. Exit Developer Studio.
  2. Delete Spelly.dll from your Developer Studio add-ins folder.
  3. Delete Spelly.lex and Spelly.dic from your Windows folder.


Click the “Spelly” button to spellcheck the active document. Click on the “Spelly (no code)” button to spellcheck only comments and strings
(In HTML documents, checks both text and comment tags).

To check only a portion of the document, select it and then click the
Spelly button.


Mark Bartosik helped me solve a nasty COM reference
leak. Thanks Mark!

Download Spelly – 179KB

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