RewriteFiles Utility

The Problem

This small commandline utility will solve a problem often
found when moving Visual C++ projects between computers.

Often I need to take MSVC5 projects with me between
different computers. But sometimes, when a project has been moved from one
computer to another, strange thing will happen , when you try to compile it.
When the program has been compiled, and you try to execute
it  – or for some reasons hit that ol’ Build-button, the whole project will
recompile, like every file has been changed. This will happen every time you try
to compile, even if you do not change a single characte in your sourcefiles.

The problem has something to do with the filedates, that
are improperly changed in some way.

The Solution
I have written a
small commandline utility, that solves the problem. The only thing this program
will do is to open all the original files, move them to another folder, and
rewrite them in their original location.

I have not provided the sourcecode for this project, for
two reasons:

  • The project is not a typical MFC program, eventhough
    classes and functions from MFC was used.
  • The sourcecode is really messy, and uncommented, and
    many of the functions are in small utillity files, I have collected for
    everyday tasks.

If, however, anybody should be interested in the
sourcecode, please mail me, and I will send you a copy.

Rewritefiles.exe is
extremely easy to use:

Fire up a DOS-Window or a NT-commandline, go to the
directory with the project giving the problems, and write

Rewritefiles *.* c:myprojectsproject
Rewritefiles *.* c:myprojectsprojectres

Assuming, that your project is located in
c:myprojectsproject, and you have some resource files in the subdirectory

There are some other commandline options, that will be
shown if you just write RewriteFiles on the commandline, without any

File – 83KB

Date Posted: 05/21/98

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