Job Savers System Tray AppWizard

This was the first wizard I ever wrote, basicly it generates an MFC Tray Application,
that being a program that sits in the little window down by the clock on windows 95/NT.
Its important to note that portions of the generated code in this appwizard are written
by and used with permision by CodeGuru Chris Maunder.


This Tray App wizard is pretty simple to use, you only have to privide:

  • Internal name – Which should be unique, and not include spaces.
  • Display name – The string that you see in the list of the services manager.
  • Comments – You have to decide what level of source code comments you want.


To install any wizard, you must simply copy the wizard (any .awx file) it to your devstudio/sharedide/template directory.

Conversly, to remove a wizard, simply deleting the .awx file from your template directory while DevStudio isnt running
will do it.

Download System Tray AppWizard – 14.8KB

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