COVERS 3.1a: object-oriented modeling, code generation and simulation software.

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COVERS 3.1a – visual object-oriented modeling, code generation and
simulation software. Supports development of real-time applications
and can be used with Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0


Area of application:

includes reactive systems like:

  • Real-time applications
  • Distributed algorithms
  • Communication systems and protocols

Scenario of using COVERS:

  1. The user specifies the system under development as a set of Active Object
    classes using COVERS visual structure and behavior editors.

  2. COVERS generates a C++ class for each Active Object class. The C++ code
    is open for the user modifications at this stage.

  3. COVERS compiles the generated code using the built-in compiler and links
    it with either

    • virtual time engine to produce an interactive visual simulation model
    • real-time engine to produce a real-time application.
  4. Alternatively to step 3, the user can include the generated C++ files and
    the library containing monitor in MS Visual C++ 5.0 project as a part of a
    bigger application.


  • OBJECT-ORIENTED MODELING LANGUAGE for building hierarchical
    models of arbitrary complexity and scale.

  • VISUAL. All stages of model development are performed within a
    single visual environment with wide debugging and animation

  • STATECHARTS are supported – an advanced notation for object
    behavior description included in the Unified Modeling Language.

  • FORMAL SEMANTICS. COVERS simulation engine is build according to
    the formally defined language semantics and treats correctly the
    subtle aspects of concurrent system behavior, such as
    nondeterminism, atomicity or racing.

  • LIBRARIES of frequently used objects (e.g. resources, networks)
    are supplied with COVERS. The user can create his own libraries
    of reusable components.


Operating systems:

  • MS Windows 95
  • MS Windows NT
  • MS Windows 3.1


Experimental Object Technologies



Free Of Charge For Non-Commercial Use! (see COVERS 3.1a License Policy)

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