Bookmark Add-In

This article was contributed by Jignesh Patel.

Overview of the Add-In:

The feature to set bookmarks (using Ctrl-F2) in a text file
available in the Dev Studio editor is very useful when going
through a HUGE source file. The drawback is that, once the text
file is closed you lose all the bookmarks set in that particular
file and it’s a pain to set tham all again.

So, anyway I guess you know what this add-in does by now. It,
remembers the bookmarks set in a file (as shown below) and
re-sets them back if the file is opened later in Dev Studio.



  • Copy the bookmark.dll file where-ever you want (I put
    them in Devstudio\sharedide\AddIns).
  • In, Dev Studio, go to the Tools menu and select
  • Go to the last tab (Add-Ins and macro Files). You should
    be able to see the Book Mark add-in in the list box (if
    you saved it in the path above. If you’ve saved it in a
    different path, you’ll have to browse of it yourself).
    Once, you checked the bookmark add-in, click close and
    the add-in is not ready.


The add-in runs without user interaction.

You do have a choice to set the options. You can enable or
disable the bookmark add-in on the fly (by choosing the Bookmark
command which brings up the dialog box as shown below). Disabling
the bookmark add-in will not restore your bookmarks the next time
you open the file.

The user also has the option of saving the
bookmark locations

  1. When user closes a document OR

  2. When user saves a document (for the
    paranoid, like myself who thinks that Dev Studio will
    crash anytime for any reason)

The delete file button simple purges any bookmark
locations that you might have accumulated during your long hours
of coding.


Un-check the bookmark addin. Delete, the bookmark.dll and
also, a file called bookmark.dat (which is automatically created
by the add-in) and is stored in devstudio\SharedIde\bin.

Known Problems:

There is one problem (actually it’s a minor annoyance).
Everytime, the user hits save, the editor will scroll. The cursor
will remain at the same place but the text scrolls (which can
sometimes dis-orient users). I’m working on this.

Also, I haven’t tested this under NT, but I am assuming (and
hoping) this will run just fine. If anyone finds a problem please
let me know.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve this
please let me know. [email protected]

Jignesh Patel

Download BookMark – 16.7KB

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