Security and Authentication in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Security Model

The paper covers four best practices to consider:

  • Understand existing data security strategies before implementing.
  • Understand if existing job functions must map directly to security roles.
  • Compare standard security roles with existing job functions.
  • Create tiered security roles if several job functions require the same security privileges and access levels.

The following guidelines are also included:

  • Strictly limit the number of people assigned the role of System Administrator.
  • Create roles according to the security best practice of least privilege, providing access to the minimum amount of business data required for the task; assign users the appropriate role(s) for their job.
  • When appropriate, use sharing to grant specific users specific rights on individual objects, rather than granting broader privileges on all objects of a given type.
  • Use teams to create cross-functional groups to share specific objects across the team.
  • Train users with sharing access rights to share the least amount of information required.

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