Windows Phone 7 Series, Windows Mobile 7? There’s an application for that !

Microsoft plans to compete head-to-head with Apple in the market for mobile application downloads, or in Microsoft’s case – Windows Mobile applications. Copying Apple’s strategy this time, Microsoft said it intends to launch an online store through which customers can purchase and download Microsoft Windows mobile applications and Windows Mobile .NET applications for its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 Series and Microsoft mobile device platform.

Microsoft announced the plan Monday at its MIX10 developer conference in Las Vegas. The company did not provide details on pricing or timing, but it has previously said Windows Phone 7 Series devices should be on the market in time for the 2010 holiday season.

Apple has seen more than 100 million downloads from its App Store, and Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently estimated that iPhone and iPod downloads will grow to become a $1 billion business as early as next year. Finally, Microsoft decided to focus on the downloadable Windows Phone 7 Series and Microsoft mobile device applications market for a change

Windows Phone 7 Series and the Microsoft Windows Mobile .NET platform “was designed to generate incredible opportunities for developers and designers to quickly and easily deliver compelling applications and games,” said Joe Belfiore, VP for Windows Phone Program Management and a MIX10 keynote presenter.

Microsoft said windows mobile developers who design Microsoft Windows mobile .NET applications or games for Windows Phone 7 Series and Windows Mobile 7, will be able to leverage built-in support for cameras, microphones, location-based services, hardware-aided video, accelerometers and more.

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