Why You Won’t Hear Microsoft Discuss “Native HTML5”

You may have heard Microsoft use the term “Native HTML5” before, but you won’t be hearing it again. According to Microsoft’s IE Evangelist Ari Bixhorn, the terminology may change, but the company’s focus on HTML5 isn’t going away.

Speaking about Microsoft’s decision to abandon the term, Bixhorn stated that “HTML5 is HTML5. I don’t know that you’ll see us refer to native HTML in the future.” Some speculate, as Microsoft regional director Stephen Forte recently commented, off the record, that XAML may be the standard for native development.

Forte was talking about HTML5’s future, and pondered that “If HTML5 gets fragmented, as it surely will, I can one day even see a native, hardware accelerated runtime of XAML being released for the Mac (there already sort of is one), Android, iOS, and maybe even Linux sometime in the future.”

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