Towards the Future: The Windows 8 We Should Expect

Although Microsoft would like you to believe that Windows 8 will be the next big thing, they may not be aware of the changes going on around them. Apple has taken over the spotlight that Microsoft used to be in. Apple’s logo is proudly displayed by iPhone, iPad and MacBook users, but when is the last time you saw someone proud enough of Microsoft to put a Windows logo on their car?

Microsoft has always had a mantra that was founded upon the principle that “It’s about the experience”. In reality, it’s not the experience–it’s about the ideal that the Apple platform has brought forth. It’s no longer about the operating system, as much as what people do while they are using a device. Largely, an end user is driven by their needs, and that’s what Microsoft needs to focus on. That’s what we should be seeing when Windows 8 comes out, but many analysts have their doubts.

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