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Modern Coding is a topic that comes up from companies like Intel when you start considering changes needed as a result of the advanced hardware used today. Specifically, it is often tied to co-processor and multi-core systems, which are a standard on devices ranging from phones to desktop systems.

To take advantage of all of the power and capabilities of these modern systems, you really need to modernize your code as well. While older coding approaches have been updated to take some advantage of the power, you really need to jump into high performance computing (HPC) topics including parallelism to get the full advantage.

While there are a number of resources that talk about the when, why, and where of modern coding topics, it is also important to learn how to apply it. Intel has provided a number of training sessions and courses that are available live and on-demand. More importantly, these resources are available for  free. For more about this, check out eWeek’s article, Modern Code Training Gives Your Essential Skills.

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