Tech IQ: As a Web Developer, do you know enough to build a Windows 8 apps?

If you are building web sites, then it is likely that you are an HTML developer even if you don’t call yourself a developer. If you can use HTML5, then you can actually do a lot more than just build websites. You might actually have what will it take to build Windows 8 applications and thus make money submitting it to the millions of customers.

By creating basic webpage, you can become familiar with the basics of coding for the Internet. Developing an app has its own set of challenges. This quiz will test your Tech IQ to see if you are prepared to move into the app development community. This Tech IQ will provide you with a path towards the proper cycle and process of building and bringing to market a Windows 8 App.

This Tech IQ is written by the above independent author. It is sponsored by Microsoft.

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