Problems With HTML5 Video On Mobile Devices

As everyone is well aware, HTML5 video is still new to mobile developers. A lot of major companies have made the mistake of making ther own in-home solutions for HTML5 mobile video streaming. The problem that many companies are having is due to the fact that not all new devices can stream video correctly with HTML5.

HTML5 video is stil farely new and as such, even Microsoft struggles to upgrade its software’s support for HTML5 video. This forces many brower manufacturers and endusers to upgrade just keep up with HTML5’s changes. Although HTML5 is becoming the standard for web development to many, only 30% of users can view an HTML5 web page. This is due to the fact that HTML5 video is still a new technology being introduced to most new devices. This has occured largely, many believe, due to Apple’s decision not to work with Adobe Flash on any of their mobile devices in the future.

Although HTML5 is now capable of allowing video streaming on mobile devices, it’s still complex to work with. Some devices such as the iPhone, iPad and those running the Android OS have problems during playback. Many times devices and home grown solutions will not show HTML5 pages or content the same way. Many companies are begining to find that their home grown solutions for HTML5 don’t work according to plan.

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