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My current commercial project I develop in C++ requires printing capabilities. I tried to find a printing framework I can use and found out that I either have to implement all printing job by using winAPI/MFC printing functions (requires tons of code if you need to print many different forms), or have to use big reporting engines with huge runtimes and high pricing. Both solutions did not sound good, and developed my own report generator 🙂

What Is Oxetta

Oxetta is a fast and compact report generator. It contains a graphical report designer, reporting engine itself (designed as a DLL file) and a sample application built with Visual C++ 2010. Oxetta supports both Unicode and ANSI programs and have print and print preview capabilities. Oxetta can retrieve information necessary for printing the report from your database thru ODBC or directly from your own application by using a callback function the application can provide.

How To Design Reports

To start using Oxetta with your application, please download it using the link below, install it to your computer and run the Oxetta.exe program. With this application you can design the report template that will be used to print the report. The report design process is very similar to what you are doing when designing reports with other reporting engines: you create a new blank report, place report bands on it, add elements such as DB Text Box or Rectangle to the report bands, configure the ODBC connection reporting engine will use to get data from the database and finally save the report template to a disk file:

How To Launch A Report From Your Code

Launching Oxetta to print a designed report is easy; in the very simple case you have to call the only function from your C/C++ code:

[img src=sample-code.jpg alt=”Sample code for launching Oxetta”]

In more complex cases you might need to develop a callback function Oxetta will use to retrieve additional information from your application. For detailed manual and usage examples please refer http://www.oxetta.com/doc/.

Redistributable Files

To distribute Oxetta reports with your application you will need to include to your program installation the oxetta.dll file (only 500K) and report template files you’ve designed.

Download Oxetta

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